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Sistema Venus Licuados Para Adelgazar

Sistema Venus Dietas Para Adelgazar - Sistema Venus Licuados Para Adelgazar

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Mission Statement

The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum was formed to collect, preserve and exhibit the history and culture of the Spokane Valley for the education and inspiration of the community.

Vision Statement

  • To demonstrate the need for a center of community identity
  • To establish a heritage center at the historical Opportunity Township Hall as it is the most appropriate location
  • To engage the Community in support of the project
  • To collaborate with other historical entities


The Spokane Valley is rich with History. From the first permanent settler, Antoine Plante, in 1849, to the incorporation of the City of Spokane Valley in 2003, we have collected and catalogued over 150 years of memories, artifacts and everything else you can name. Putting it all together and connecting you with your heritage is our mission. Our dream has been, since the beginning, to compile everything into a searchable computer database. Now, this dream has finally coming to fruition.


?What motivated people to settle in Spokane??
?When did the Railroad come through town??
?What information do you have on. . .??
?How did the Great Depression effect the Valley??
?Did the Valley have any connection to the Civil War??

Have you ever wanted to know the answer to any of these questions? Do you have some questions of your own? When you come to visit us, you don?t have to search through old dusty volumes for hours. Just type in your keyword and hit search. Our database compiles everything for you!

From Photographs to Exhibits, from Oral Histories to Newspaper articles, we work hard to make it all available to the Heritage Seeker.


We are home to thousands of photographs - from the 1850?s through today. These include aerial shots of the Valley, yearbook photos, and a myriad of ?life shots? through the years. Who knows? You may just find a picture of your great-granddad posing for a photo in front of H.N. Segerstrom?s orchards, or your best-friend?s grandpa?s aunt?s cousin?s son?s sister-in-law?s grade-school photo from the 1930?s.

Visitors come in and make past connections nearly every day! Should you find a photograph that you want to take home with you, just ask! For a small fee, we can print a copy of the photo in three different sizes.


While we have many wonderful things on display in our various exhibits, our collection is not limited to what?s on the floor. We have an entire Archive section in the back of the museum where you can have a seat, turn on a lamp and delve deep into your area of interest. We have binders filled with photos, all organized by subject. We have drawers filled with documents pertaining to everything you might imagine. Our map-case houses irrigation, surveyor?s, city and county maps from throughout the last century. Should you have an interest, the Valley Heritage Museum is here to meet your needs.

We were established to provide you with a window into the history of this city, and we are more than willing to assist you in your research.

Visit our new website: www.spokanevalleyarchives.org


Click here to download Community membership form

Click here to download Corporate and Businesss membership form


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